Thursday, February 4, 2010

Biggest Vaginia What Kind Of Sexual Orientation Is This?

What kind of sexual orientation is this? - biggest vaginia

I'm just emotionally attracted to girls, not men, and I am attracted to women's bodies, but vaginia and the only one that I found appealing in a man's penis. I think my ideal would be a pre-op transsexual, then ... Is it a sexual orientation? I would say, not two, because the penis is mentally and physically is a big turn off. I only had sex with girls, that's why.


Kaitlyn said...

I DK if there is an orientation, which has attracted lol just a woman with a penis, vagina, and no way. I support the good people welcome ts trans people than me. It is a kind of bi yes, but not really, because they feel like having sex with a man who takes you and 99% of a woman, but a small part. I can see how you are confused as they could only pre-op TS fit all.

Even for those who say that if someones a TS is not of his fetish, which is attracted to another person, a fetish! Do you know how to say it is offensive to someone, if you are attracted to them, is a fetish? We would even fit as a fetish, even though I TS fetish not call because he drew a cross in particular, it is attracted to a woman, and she is attracted to a penis. Suffice it to just happen in a pre-transsexual surgery.

Haus of GaGa said...

Right with a fetish for pre-op transsexual may be bisexual.

Gwennie B said...

It seems to be:

1) are straight, but vaginaphobic.

2) If (a fetish gynemimetophilia legal means) a fetish for transsexuals women.

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